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      "Henry George Wines are a small company that has done amazing things for us since pre-opening. Service, stock updates etc. have been exceptional"

Linda Violago, Viajante Restaurant, London 





"We have now tried both the Prudhomme and Christophe Migon Rose champagnes.

  If we had to choose one it would be the Christophe Mignon but we will buy both as the Prudhomme has a lovely smoothness about it"






Grower Champagnes - Henry George Grower Champagne Direct To Your Door


Grower Champagnes Direct

 Welcome to the exciting world of grower champagne.

There are more than 19,000 grape growers in the champagne region.

Only 2,000 of these actually use their grapes to Make Their Own Grower Champagne!

We present thirteen of these Champagne Growers on this website and offer a selection of their champagnes for you to purchase online.

We are pleased to be able to welcome two new domains to our wine list Champagne Soutiran and Champagne J L Vergnon.


When you buy a grower champagne online, you get what it says on the ‘tin’ i.e. champagne which has been wholly produced in house, from the growing of the grapes to the making and selling of the wine itself.

It was our introduction, in the early nineties, to Laurent Champs, who now runs Champagne Vilmart, that made us realise that there's more to Champagne than the big names that we're all so familiar with.

Our knowledge of these champagne growers, and the quality of their products, encouraged us to start this online shop where we could showcase their wines. We felt that, in the same way that twenty years ago, when the UK public knew Champagne as a drink which was perceived to be produced only by a small number of big, well-known names, today, even as small growers are becoming more well known, people are aware of only a few of them.

We source all our champagnes direct from the vineyard, and we have a personal relationship with all our growers.

We taste their wines regularly and have an in depth knowledge of all their products.

Take a look at what we have to offer and discover that you really can afford to buy top quality champagne online!

Contact us on 01273 455800 or fill in the form on our Contact page. Trade enquiries and trade price list available.



     "As one of the premier boutique hotels in  the country we source our champagne from  the suppliers who really know their product.  Henry George Wines have some pretty  impressive grower champagnes to choose  from and their service has always been  second to none"

 Richard Hayes, Drakes of Brighton