Francoise Bedel Champagne


Francoise Bedel et Fils are family growers from the Marne Valley, cultivating 7 hectares of vineyards at Crouttes-sur-Marne, a pretty village on the western edge of the Champagne region close to Chateau Thierry.

Madame Bedel possesses an intellect as fine as the bubbles in her champagne. She is dedicated to champagne, or at least, champagne that personifies a 'terroir' and 'tastes of where it comes from'. 

One of her secrets  lies in the use of ancestral biodynamic techniques. With subtle influences and effects, biodynamics return the specific character of the terroir to the champagne.

Henry George Wines are proud to introduce you to a couple of wonderful biodynamic Champagnes from Francoise Bedel, namely the Francoise Bedel Dis Vin Secret, and Françoise Bedel Entre Ciel et Terre.


     "As one of the premier boutique hotels in  the country we source our champagne from  the suppliers who really know their product.  Henry George Wines have some pretty  impressive grower champagnes to choose  from and their service has always been  second to none"

 Richard Hayes, Drakes of Brighton