Martine Landais

Martine Landais


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The family of Martine Landais have been working in the area of Les Riceys in the Aube as winemakers since the 1700s. Clergeot Lazare 1734-1783 was a winemaker in Les Riceys Haut.

The terroir is unique by its location and a double climate that has influence from both land and sea. The climate is cold in the winter months and regularly provides rain but in the spring and summer months it is warm and sunny.The soil is made of limestone and clay under which is Kimmeridgien which is similar to that in Chablis and this gives the wine a minerality content.

The bottles are kept on the lees for 24 months so the wine can mature slowly. The blend of her champagne is 20% chardonnay and 80% pinot noir.

Martines production is very low some 2500 bottles with all the grapes being grown in Les Riceys so her champagne is very much in demand.

We will be importing Martine's champagne into the UK soon. 



     "As one of the premier boutique hotels in  the country we source our champagne from  the suppliers who really know their product.  Henry George Wines have some pretty  impressive grower champagnes to choose  from and their service has always been  second to none"

 Richard Hayes, Drakes of Brighton