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 The Sadi Malot estate lies in the heart of the vineyard in Villers-Marmery, a small village at the tip of the Montagne de Reims, in the middle of the Reims-Epernay-Châlons-en-Champagne triangle


The family has owned the vineyard for 5 generations – The Champagne House is a purely small-scale, traditional, family-run business which we found quite by chance.

Somebody once said that- to discover hidden France and the gems that it has to offer it’s necessary to get lost first.

We have our own slant on that!

Sadi Malot ChampagneWe weren’t exactly lost, but we were in the village of Villers Marmery, on the west facing slopes of the Montagne de Reims, visiting winemakers in an effort to find a wine with a similar taste profile to an ‘out of stock’ champagne which we sourced from the same village.

Knowing that the chardonnay grown on these slopes offers something quite different (a softer, fuller and less mineral style) from the champagne sourced from the Côtes des Blancs further south, we had made several appointments with different vignerons who were currently unknown to us. In between meetings and with an hour to spare we found ourselves parked outside the home of one Franck Malot. 

We decided to take a chance and knock on the door.

The result was a revelation! We were offered a tasting of the whole range of champagnes, all of which were exemplary, both in taste and value for money, to such an extent that we had no hesitation in bringing them into our portfolio.

From his 10 hectares of vineyards in Villers Marmery and Verzy he produces a fabulous range, from the entry level non-vintage Cuvée de Réserve to the beautifully packaged Cuvée SM Vintage with several very special offerings in between.

They are all available to buy here.
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     "As one of the premier boutique hotels in  the country we source our champagne from  the suppliers who really know their product.  Henry George Wines have some pretty  impressive grower champagnes to choose  from and their service has always been  second to none"

 Richard Hayes, Drakes of Brighton