Make Champagne part of the Solution

At the time of writing this blog, we’ve just entered another national lockdown, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. This weird year that we’ve all had to endure has taken its latest surreal and predictable twist. This news was swiftly followed by the announcement that a vaccine could be just around the corner – only weeks away, apparently. Will this be the cure we’ve all been looking for and our passport to freedom?  The honest answer is that we just don’t know. It’s too early to say, although we can only hope that this particular vaccine is as effective as the scientists, politicians and mainstream media are saying. In the meantime, we just have to keep our fingers crossed that the Government’s COVID exit strategy is sound and that we can continue to retain our collective sanity as events unfold.   

 This has got me thinking as to what exactly is meant by the term “exit strategy” - a phrase that’s much banded about these days. Without wishing to be too pedantic, it’s defined as a planned or phased approach to leave one’s current situation behind for an improved outcome, or to avoid failure.  Sounds fair enough. The term can be used in all walks of life but - let’s be clear - we certainly aren’t suggesting any sombre overtones here. An exit strategy, for example, could refer to a businessman looking to sell a company, an investor deciding when to cash in his shares, or even a prisoner’s escape plans from jail. But maybe this is too specific and dramatic. In the wider context of what we are all currently striving for in these mad times, perhaps what I am trying to convey here is actually less about exit strategies and more to do with finding solutions. Yes, that’s better. It’s solutions we are all looking for, rather than exit strategies.

How Champagne can be a path to victory  

What is required to reach the solution, even if it appears insurmountable at the current time? It probably comes down to a number of things, but whatever those things are, they should certainly include Champagne.  This isn’t exclusively our opinion, by the way. Napoleon once said: “Always carry champagne! In victory, you deserve it and in defeat you need it!”  Churchill uttered much the same words. Indeed, here was a man who would regularly consume a pint of the bubbly stuff for lunch. You may not be inclined to quaff quite as much as this in one go but, nevertheless, what better way to make your route to the solution as smooth and enjoyable as possible! Champagne can be justifiably consumed at any time - as a way of deflecting disappointment, putting one’s troubles to one side or celebrating the success of arriving at a chosen goal. That said, you might be inclined to opt for a more superior bottle once you’ve reached the solution, your exit strategy having paid off.

 Join our campaign to make Champagne the solution

But before then, if you have the slightest doubt about celebrating too soon, ask yourself this: what’s the point of waiting? As you raise a glass, follow the words of the famous poet and playwright TS Eliot who declared: “The journey, not the arrival matters.”  We can’t confirm whether he was thinking of Champagne at the time he wrote this time-honoured line but, you never know, he might have been!  Without being too philosophical, follow Eliot’s advice and enjoy the trip! After all, life is here to be lived and we can’t allow a pesky virus to curb our civil liberties. Lockdowns or other obstacles shouldn’t deter us from drinking champagne. Whether times are good, bad or indifferent, there’s always a place for Champagne.  Whenever you want to lighten the mood or lift the spirits, what better reason to pop open a nicely chilled bottle of the fabulous Brut Nature produced by Christophe Mignon or the wonderful Special Club 2013 made by Arnaud Margaine.

So, if you haven’t done so already, put thoughts of the pandemic to one side and turn over a new leaf. Add a fizzle of excitement into the here and now and resolve to make Champagne part of your solution.



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